ABOUT - Magda Barceló
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The ultimate goal in life is not to be successful or loved, but to become the truest expression of ourselves, to live into authentic selfhood, to honor our birthright gifts and callings, and be of service to humanity and our world.”
– Frederic Laloux



Born and raised in Spain, I felt the impulse to travel and discover new horizons first as a child. Studying languages, and working and living abroad taught me that all places are different and all are the same. After marrying my soul partner in my early thirties, my nomadic instincts lead me to explore various professional paths ranging from marketing and exports to NGO management. For the past ten years, I have worked both in Europe and in the US as a facilitator and coach for individuals, couples and organizations.


My path has been one of working from the inside out. The greatest leaps in my own personal development have come from connecting and healing wounds, some of which were intergenerational, others from childhood and those that come from daily life. They range from having been bullied at a younger age, to struggling to become a mother, to pervasive feelings of not belonging and deep marriage crisis. Afraid as I was of them, they continue to be my greatest teachers.


I enjoy living simply and with connection to what’s essential. I am aware of how far we as a global society have pushed the limits of our planet, our civilization and ourselves, often to the point of tremendous suffering. Through my work with individuals, groups and organizations, I encourage sustainable and regenerative lives and systems.


Currently, I live in Reus, Spain, with my beloved husband, daughter, and dog. My work is often done in partnership with amazing individuals connected to a variety of global communities, including PluribusComing Into Your Own,  New Ventures WestThe Art of Hosting, The Presencing InstituteThe Integral Center.


My full professional profile is available on LinkedIn.





The facilitation of leadership and emerging/evolving organizations has been the focus of my career, in advance of becoming a coach. Among my most formative trainings was Peter Ramsden’s Communities of Practice, based on E. Wenger’s concepts of Inclusive Entrepreneurship. My inquiry went a step further in working with George Pór on the Innovating Together Learning Expedition in 2011-2012 and in my training on D.L. Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry, which was taught by Miriam Subirana. Participating in my first Art of Hosting in 2011, I expanded my knowledge of the many techniques that inform the method en route to becoming a practitioner. In collaboration with many wise individuals, including Soledad Pons, Chris Chapman, and Carlotta Cataldi, I facilitated several Art of Hosting events. The Art of Thinking Together with Dorian Baroni and Cliff Penwell deepened my understanding of the power of listening and dialogue combined with systems thinking.


Inspired by Theory U, I participated in the Berlin Theory U Forum and in 2013 took the Presencing Foundation Program in Boston with Otto Scharmer, Beth Jandernoa, and Arawana Hayashi, and then attended the 2-day Social Presencing Theater workshop with Arawana to explore the depths of embodiment, personal and organizational transformation. This illuminating experience led me to teach a Theory U workshop with Gonzalo Miguez in 2014 in Spain and to become an active member of the Ulab at the Impact HuB in Boulder.

Since 2010, my facilitation of workshops on Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias in association with Pluribus, has taught me about the key role of culture in any organizational change. I am grateful for the myriad insights and skills imparted by founder Isabelle Pujol, as well as from the whole Pluribus’ community.


In 2012, I initiated a collaborative writing project with Laure le Douarec and Serena Cook. This odyssey brought me to taste the bitter sweet nature of creative group work, and ended with the publishing of the book Gatherings: How to participate in, host or facilitate rEvolutions with abracadabra, which is available on-line


While living in Boulder, Colorado, in 2014 and 2015, my training in leadership development expanded to include two additional methodologies. Cedar Barstow’s Right Use of Power curriculum provided a practical approach to ethics and the use of power, and, through the work I did as an assistant to Professor Barbara Lawton at the University of Colorado, I was steeped in Parker Palmer’s pedagogy for leaders committed to wholeness and systems change.


When a powerful new paradigm for understanding organizational evolution emerged with the publication of Reinventing Organizations in 2014, another level of conceptual clarity emerged for me. I found an even richer link between my work with individuals and my work with groups. I formed a study group on the R.O. framework in 2015, with the support of Robert MacNaughton at the Integral Center in Boulder. The dialogue evidenced the vitality, value and impact of the Integral approach for businesses and organizations. Within the year, I participated in the co-created Wiki and started to consult for corporations seeking to evolve, Candor-AGS among them.




Yoga and meditation were important early catalysts for me along on the path that led to my becoming a coach. Both practices I began in my twenties.


Montserrat Fortuny, a student of BKS Iyengar, gave me a solid foundation in yogic principles while I was living in Reus, Spain. In Boulder, my understanding of breath deepened with Bonnie Bainbridge. My practice continues to evolve with the support of many teachers, such as the brilliant Sofia Diaz.


My first formal meditation teachers, Joel and Michelle Levey of Wisdom at Work, I met while living in Seattle. In 2011, in the context of their sangha, I dove into the collective and subjective experience of meditation to emerge from what had felt like isolation. The Shambhala tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, based in Vajrayana Buddhism, with its wealth of ramifications and practices, was introduced to me while in Boulder through the Naropa Institute and ALC. My way of meditating with the body I learned from Reggie Ray of Dharma Ocean, and a more scientific view of meditation came to inform my practice through with the work of Dan Siegel and the study of attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology. My dear friend and teacher Ana Arrabé provides ongoing inspiration for my personal practice.


After years of dancing with the possibility of becoming a coach, I found the Integral Coaching program thanks to my friend and colleague Dorian Baroni. My studies with James Flaherty, the founder of New Ventures West, and Ana Maria Aristizábal initiated a path that now includes taking different roles in this emerging community.


Many forms of circling practice have also been important for me in deepening into community and accessing the great potential of collective presencing, including the Art of Hosting, the Circle Way and Integral Circling or intersubjective meditation, which I first experienced at the Integral Center  in Boulder. I attended bi-weekly circling labs with Ryu Koyama and Ryel Kestano there and eventually certified as an Integral Circler through the Circling Train the Trainer (T3) in 2015.




My experience with couples coaching arises in part from my long-term partnership with my husband Gerard. All our ups and downs, crises and blessings have informed me about what it takes to sustain and nurture such a partnership. A three-year journey that involved regular gatherings with three other couples taught me how much one can learn from other couples sharing vulnerably. The journey with Mathieu Daum, Silvia Gollini, Nükhet and Imdat Solak, Laure and Nicolas le Douarec was challenging and transformative. My gratitude goes to all the couples that have trusted my ability to support them and continue to do so. More recently, my work with Annie Brook has provided greater possibilities to growth and fulfillment in this domain.


I have had so many wonderful and wise teachers, both professional and personal, throughout my life. Many more than are named here. My heartfelt gratitude goes to each of them and to the ones to come.