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Más información sobre las cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file with harmless that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any web page. The value of the cookie is that the web is able to remember your visit when back to navigate to that page. Although many people don’t know the cookies they carry used 20 years ago, when appeared the first browsers for the World Wide Web.

What IS NOT a cookie?

It is not a virus or a Trojan, worm, spam or spyware, or open windows pop up.

What information store a cookie?

The cookies do not usually store sensitive information about you, such as credit cards or bank details, photographs, your ID or personal information, etc. Data that are technical, personal preferences, personalization of content, etc.
the web server not associated with you you as a person if not to your web browser. In fact, if you usually browse with Internet Explorer and try to browse the web with Firefox or Chrome you will see that the web is not you the same person is because it is actually associating with the browser, not to the person.

What kind of cookies are there?

  • Cookies techniques: are the most basic and allow, among other things, to know when you are browsing a human or an automated application, when browsing an anonymous user and one registered, basic tasks for the operation of any web dynamics.
  • Cookies of analysis: collect information on the type of navigation that is carrying out the sections that most uses, products consulted, time of use, language, etc.
  • Advertising Cookies: show advertisements based on your navigation, their country of origin, language, etc
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