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Last Wednesday in London, I had the privilege of be a part of the second dialogue of 2d4b, lead by its dear founder Laure le Douarec.

An engaged, generative and thrilling dialogue emerged from the question What kind of organisation/group of people would I like to serve this year?

Starting from the rationale of “invite diversity, nurture dialogue, be the change”, focussing our attention with a reading of Les Ages de la Vie from Christiane Singer, our quest for personal and collective meaning through our work and relationships started to flow.

We’ll be attentive to where it leads us.

Extract of Les Ages de la Vie from Christian Singer

For one moment, let’s open the boxes where we hide our wounds, our fears, our negative experiences, our diverse «knowings». For one moment, let’s open up these chains so familiar that we don’t feel them anymore. For one moment, let’s enter memory’s incandescence!
We have forgotten that if we loose touch with love’s power -inside ourselves- the world is lost.
Here is the pact we have signed: «Do you promise to forget you are God’s child and become a poor citizen?» «Yes, I promise». «Do you promise to forget that the world was confided to you and to sink into a profound helplessness?» «Yes, I promise». «Do you promise to always give to others responsibility over your own life: to your spouse, professor, priest or doctor, and in the case of atheism and emancipation, to fashion and advertising?» «Yes, I promise».
Impossible to tell when this pact was signed but it doesn’t matter as at any moment we can sign it off and enter the incadescence of presence.
A space exists which nothing threatens, which nothing ever threatened, and which risks no destruction, an intact space, the space of love which founded our being.
To become who we are is not the easy way but the secret number of a quest.

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