Lost in the time in between

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barques(post 13/05/11)

The time in between spring and summer. Is it cold or is it hot?
The time in between ending a project and shaping up new ones. What to do?
The time in between living in one place to then move to another. Where to place my roots?
The time in between work, leisure,…. What is really what?

I find myself living in the time in between. How to know how relevant it is? Where to focus my attention? How not to feel lost? Does it really matter?

What if the time in between was the most inspiring? While things are not defined, and everything is possible, freedom can be experienced,…and also vertigo from the creative tension. I remember the most beautiful piece of L’Arlésienne by Bizet, was an Intermezzo, called to a piece in between two main musical movements. I could not believe that such a piece did not have a name of its own, a weight of its own, instead of just being in between two defined and purposeful parts. But perhaps Bizet knew that time in betweens are key ones. Because in its latency, in its full potency everything is shaping up. In our feeling lost, things are happening inside and around us that later on will make sense, but that we can not comprehend yet.

Meanwhile I say YES to the time in between.
To pause.
To be.
To hold the space that will bring the new.

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