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“For each of us, you’ve got to be very quiet to hear your unique dharma, your unique way of expression. Somebody comes along and their major thing in life is to regain the rights of indigenous peoples. Someone else comes along and their major thing is to awaken people to environmental degradation. Someone else comes along and their major thing is to clean up the incredible oppression of women.

It isn’t a question of which thing is worse, or which is more worthwhile. Each person has to hear what is their part in the whole process of how their compassion expresses itself. I am doing this gig. This is my part. It’s no better than your part, it’s just my part. I’m not under some illusion that I have a different part and I honor everybody else’s part, I just have to constantly keep listening to hear what my part is anew.” Ram Dass

I’ve noticed that sometimes our major sources of frustration have the potential to orient our purpose. That’s my experience at least. When I just graduated and I entered the world of work, what I saw there inspired me deeply. So almost a decade later- I would work to transform it as a consultant and coach. I continue to listen to my purpose. And it continues to evolve.

So….What is your part right now? What are the major sources of frustration in your life? How might they be linked to your purpose in this world?

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