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Magda Barceló

Coaching to grow & to wake up.

I am convinced that each of us is here for a unique purpose and that giving voice to this purpose is our greatest responsibility to ourselves and the world. My purpose is guiding people to find theirs and fully unleash their own innate potential. 

Born and raised in Spain, I felt the drive to travel and discover new horizons early on. Studying languages and working and living abroad taught me that every place is different but also somehow the same. After marrying my soulmate in my early thirties, my nomadic instincts led me to explore various professional paths ranging from marketing and exports to NGO management. For the past ten years, I have worked in both Europe and the US as a facilitator and coach for individuals, couples and organizations.

My path has been one of working from the inside out. The greatest leaps in my own personal development have come from connecting and healing wounds—some intergenerational, others from childhood and those that come from daily life. They include the scars of being bullied as a child, the struggle to become a mother, pervasive feelings of not belonging and profound marital crises. As terrifying as these were to me, they have also been my greatest teachers. 

I currently live in Reus, Spain. I find deep fulfillment in moments spent with my family, personal development, writing, yoga and time in nature. 

Bio for media & events

Magda Barceló (Reus, Spain, 1976) works as a coach, consultant and facilitator in the fields of organizational learning and leadership development. Her passion is supporting individuals and organizations in their quest to reach their highest potential. She delivers professional services as a coach, facilitator and consultant through her personal brand and is also a senior consultant for Pluribus Europe, a boutique Brussels-based consultancy specialized in bringing diversity and inclusion to global corporations.

She holds a degree in business administration from the Rovira i Virgili University and an MSc in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics. She is certified as an Integral Coach by New Ventures West and as a certified Integral Circler by the Integral Center (Boulder, United States).

She is the author of Tu vida épica. Una hoja de ruta para tomar las riendas de tu vida y liberar la fuerza de tu propósito as well as the co-author of Gatherings: How to Participate In, Host or Facilitate rEvolutions with Abracadabra and Inclusion Around the Clock