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Taken by Dancers Ways

Arriving After forty-five minute drive to the mountains, I follow Gerard Marsal’s car to the venue. The road to the place was not found by the GPS. I feel a mix of excitement and familiarity. Excitement to get to know this unique tribe of teachers, dancers, musicians and free souls that have coalesced at Dancers

Celebrating with Pluribus On the occasion of the 10 years of Pluribus, consultant of which I am part of, its founder Isabelle Pujol promoted the celebration of this milestone through the publication of the book “Inclusion Around the Clock”. As a writer of the chapter “Diversity and Inclusion key catalysts for the evolution of the

Breaking down I started this year in quite good physical shape. That was what I thought, until I started coughing. A dry cough I didn’t know where it was coming from. Days passed, I did’t pay much attention to it. Then weakness. And a cold followed. Then sinusitis. After that, extreme exhaustion. What was going

It was one of these weeks, where things went downhill.  Or so it seemed. My partner was away for work. Puca, my dog, got diarrea. My daughter got the flu. My network of support was away…. and so on. I could see myself looking outside trying to identify the perpetrator of such a lousy plan.

Can you be in moment without an agenda?

The more I embrace being in the present moment, the more I realize when I am not. The nature of the mind is subtle and tricky. After years of meditation in community and on my own, my biggest step in this practice happened when learning intersubjective meditation or circling. This is meditation in relationship. For

As associate consultant of Pluribus Europe, last year I was given the opportunity to write a chapter of the book “Diversity Around the Clock”, available here. This coming week I will be participating in the Pluribus’ annual global gathering with consultants from all over the world. I so much look forward to reconnecting with colleagues

Hearing your unique dharma…

  “For each of us, you’ve got to be very quiet to hear your unique dharma, your unique way of expression. Somebody comes along and their major thing in life is to regain the rights of indigenous peoples. Someone else comes along and their major thing is to awaken people to environmental degradation. Someone else

Stillness calling…

Winter is here. Leaves keep on falling. In the northern hemisphere, the nature rests. This awareness invites me to look inside. Not too engage in too much action. To pause. To listen carefully. To consider. In order to do so, I hear the calls for action from the world. And to some I say, it’s

In this post, and as new year’s purposes ask for some serious attention, I’d like to bring your attention to the containers in your life. Here’s an excerpt of my book Gatherings – available at the Contact section of this site – about this topic: “Container is the context, physical and psychological, that offers the

(post 06/02/13) “What is your view of the current world situation- I asked George Pór? Well, I’m going to sit down to talk about this. How I see it is that there are two currents running at the same time. From one side, the world is getting worse and worse. Ecological crisis, economic ones, exclusion,

An Art of Hosting through Play tale

Once upon a time, a delightful woman named Alicia Falvey had a vision of a training. It was not just any training. It was an Art of Hosting training. And she envisioned it in a place of exceptional beauty, Mas Fontarnau, home of the Actors Space in the heart of Catalonia, Spain. With this vision,