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Lost in the time in between

(post 13/05/11) The time in between spring and summer. Is it cold or is it hot? The time in between ending a project and shaping up new ones. What to do? The time in between living in one place to then move to another. Where to place my roots? The time in between work, leisure,….

Voices for an agricultural change

[dailymotion id=x78p4w] Cancer, low fertility, allergies,….all kind of diseases are more and more common. The root causes, economic and life models non sustainable. The voices that defend a different kind of agriculture are often silenced. Here is a high impact proposal, using the media,…to support you just have to click and watch the video. Càncer,

Last Wednesday in London, I had the privilege of be a part of the second dialogue of 2d4b, lead by its dear founder Laure le Douarec. An engaged, generative and thrilling dialogue emerged from the question What kind of organisation/group of people would I like to serve this year? Starting from the rationale of “invite

The unwritten rule

The unwritten rule, what you don’t know can hurt your career was the title of Catalyst’s last piece of research and the symposium that took place in Brussels, this Tuesday. Unwritten and not surprising: an audience predominantly feminine. Unwritten and bizarre: the venue a “SAP lounge” used to be a prison, and car GPS did

Making women’s herstory

Have you ever wondered why lives of women in history have remained mostly invisible besides very few exceptions? Why this is a proven fact – despite they had crucial roles and they were as remarkable as male historical figures –  and the enormous implications of this invisibility for women’s sense of identity, inspirational role models

It’s Easy Being Green

Paul Krugman s’anticipa al proper debat calent als Estats Units, anunciant un risc de polarització similar al de la reforma de la sanitat. En aquest sentit, faccions republicanes volen utilitzar l’argument que els americans no poden assumir l’elevat cost de reduïr les emissions que augmenten l’efecte hivernacle. Amb sobrada evidència, l’article conclou que és tan