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Are you enjoying life and feeling just ready for a new period of expansion and growth? Or perhaps you are going through a transition and are feeling lost, confused, depressed or blocked. Maybe you need to nurture your soul, get a clearer view of your path or secure practical guidance to help you move forward. 

I invite you to start down your path of adult development with one of my coaching programs. During the time we work together, I will provide an intentional, conscious space for you to shape and integrate your life experience in all its dimensions—mental, physical, relational, emotional and spiritual—and identify your natural growth axis. I offer three types of coaching:

Symbols coaching

A two-hour coaching session based on the power of archetypes and symbols, that will clarify your vision and the next steps you need to take in your journey.

Individual coaching

A 5-to-6-month program face to face or via video conference.

Group coaching

A 5-to-6-month program face to face or via video conference for teams or groups that would like to grow together. Groups of 4 to 6 people.

Request a free one-hour session to learn how coaching can support your development and/or the development of your teams.

Please, reach out for more info and/or a free-trial session: hola@magdabarcelo.com.

How does it work?

Your developmental plan will chart a journey of sustained learning and growth. My coaching is conducted in a relationship of trust and honesty. I will support you and challenge you from a place of unconditional respect and love.

You will receive:

  • A personalized plan with purpose and results
  • Regular coaching sessions
  • Resources: articles, books, videos, podcasts, etc.

What should you expect from coaching with me?

  • To clarify your vision while connecting to your life purpose
  • To transform your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself
  • To improve your access to your own inner wisdom and intuitive intelligence
  • To increase the feeling of being alive and expand your capacity to embrace life as it is
  • El desenvolupament de sistemes que donin suport als teus objectius vitals.
  • To develop the skills you need
  • To learn to withstand higher levels of complexity

Arlene Bajusz

Washington DC
  • “Magda Barceló is a unique and inspirational coach. She has helped me prepare my heart, mind and soul for a major change in my life. With her support and guidance in identifying what I truly wanted, I was able to walk into this change clearly and happily. I have no regrets and am ready to embrace the adventure ahead with confidence, ease and joy.”

Barbara B.Lawton

Former W. Edwards Deming professor of management
  • “Magda brings the gifts of presence, commitment and skillfulness. Whether as coach or facilitator, she is able to meet people where they are and gently open a pathway forward for them. Magda’s global experience and broad view of business, social and ecological concerns make her an important and effective business partner. I highly recommend Magda for her consulting, facilitation and coaching skills.”

Jordi Cartanyà

Co-founder of the Co-Evolution Hub
  • “Magda has the gift of creating environments that allow people and leaders to step into the unknown in a safe and trusting way. She successfully includes a wide range of people and viewpoints. By synching with the person, group, moment and context, she invites powerful individual and collective shifts.”