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“When organizations are built not on implicit mechanisms of fear but on structures and practices that breed trust and responsibility, extraordinary and unexpected things start to happen.”
― Frederic Laloux




  • Is your organization ready to become intentional in its activities and clarify its purpose in fulfilling a need in the world?
  • Are power dynamics and control issues undermining team productivity and depleting lives and relationships?
  • Do people crave working (and living!) in an organization that provides safe, stable footing for individuals to show up ready and empowered to deliver their capacities and gifts?
  • Does your organization seek the value, productivity, and momentum that come from a thriving internal business culture that is authentically expressing itself in the products and services that it provides?


People flourish in organizations that are aligned with their own highest purposes and deepest intentions. Likewise, organizations maximize their impact and function best when individuals can authentically exercise their creative power and abilities.


I specialize in unleashing collective energy and supporting increased levels of consciousness, growth and evolutionary development at every level of an organization. I design structures, exercises and processes that support individuals in their integration and actualize groups.



For an organization to evolve, it is essential that its primary leaders and a majority of the board embrace personal development and are committed not just to organizational transformation, but also to becoming stewards of it. Through coaching and facilitation — for individuals, board members and managers — your organization will take a crucial step in creating transformation from the inside out. Learn more.



I design and facilitate intentional meetings and events that:


  • Identify the evolutionary purpose of the organization
  • Invite higher levels of collective intelligence to emerge
  • Facilitate the collective shift of consciousness needed in a self-managed organization
  • Engage the strengths and aspirations of your company
  • Provide a context in which tensions and conflicts can be addressed and shifted into opportunities for growth



I offer custom-designed training and consultation for organizations as they embark on an evolutionary path. I also offer the following workshops, which I adapt to support an organization’s specific goals:


  • Make the Move to Teal Grow your organization from the inside out with the support of Integral Theory and the insights of the Reinventing Organizations movement.
  • Authentic Communication/Authentic Relating Invite more authenticity and vitality in your organization. Build trust.
  • Right Use of Power Increase individual awareness of power, its effects, and its ethical use in the organization.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias Leverage the potential of diversity and inclusion at the workplace utilizing Pluribus methodology and know-how.


Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation and/or a request for my updated training portfolio.



Anyone in the programs, courses, or conversations that Magda facilitates will feel the safety, intelligence, and agility needed to bring forth the experience and wisdom in their teams or community. I count on her as a bright light in the upcoming generation of social pioneers and innovative thinkers – Barbara Cecil, organizational learning consultant, community activist, writer and founder of Coming Into Your Own

I worked with Magda on joint client projects, where she demonstrated her unique blend of courage, wisdom, compassion, humor, commitment to professional excellence, and a broad vision from which she can help her clients evolve. I recommend her service to anybody with a transformational project, and hope our paths will cross again. –George Pór, Evolutionary-Teal mentor to organizations and leaders in business, government, and civil society

Whether as coach or facilitator, Magda is able to meet people where they are, and gently open a pathway forward for them. Her global experience and broad view of business, social and ecological concerns make her an important and effective business partner. – Barbara B. Lawton, former W. Edwards Deming Professor of Management.

Magda has the gift of creating environments that allow people and leaders to step into the unknown in a safe and trusting way. By syncing with the group, the moment and the context, she invites powerful individual and collective shifts. – Jordi Cartanyà, co-founder of the Co-evolution HuB